100 Princes Street The Isobel Room 102

16 Apr 2024 Red Carnation Family

Unveiling 100 Princes Street

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our latest jewel in the crown and our first property in Scotland, 100 Princes Street.

Edinburgh Castle view

26 Feb 2024 Stay local

The best views in Edinburgh

Discover Edinburgh's iconic viewpoints dotted around the historically rich and culturally vibrant capital.

Laura Jamieson

19 Feb 2024 Red Carnation Family

International Women's Day Q&A with Laura Jamieson

We spoke to the new Resident Manager of 100 Princes Street, Laura Jamieson, on what International Women's Day means to her.

Edinburgh skyline

15 Jan 2024 Stay local

A guide to the best museums in Edinburgh

Discover the best museums in Edinburgh, a must-visit destination for those seeking a cultural immersion.

Scottish Kilts

27 Nov 2023 Stay local

Discover the history of Burns Night

This cherished tradition, blending poetry, music, food, and camaraderie symbolises the enduring celebration of Scottish culture worldwide.

10 Jul 2023 Stay local

Francis Masson: Botanist and African explorer

Learn about Francis Masson's educational journey where he embarked on plant-hunting expeditions in South Africa in the 19th century.

Saskatchewan River Rockies

10 Jul 2023 Stay local

Thomas Drummond: All-weather adventurer

Inspired by a lifelong passion for plants, this Scottish-born explorer trekked for thousands of miles across North America, braving the elements.

10 Jul 2023 Stay local

David Lyall: Brave Antarctic explorer

David Lyall was a Scottish-born explorer aboard the HMS Terror in 1839 when the ship braved perilous conditions and ventured into the unknown.

Woman weaving

22 May 2023 Stay local

Introducing our latest partner Araminta Campbell

Known for her intricate designs and commitment to sustainability, join us as we speak to our latest partner at 100 Princes Street, Araminta Campbell.

19 Aug 2022 Stay local

Unveiling the uniforms of 100 Princes Street

As we prepare for the opening of our highly anticipated new property, 100 Princes Street, discover the final designs of our exceptional new uniforms.

Photo of tea being poured into tea cup

26 May 2022 Delicious dining

Scotland’s influence in the British tea scene

Discover Scotland's legacy in British tea culture ahead of our opening of the renowned 100 Princes Street.

Hawaiian Rainforest

11 Feb 2022 Stay local

Archibald Menzies: Naval surgeon and botanist

Historian Jo Woolf explores the history of Achibald Menzies, a botanist who sailed around the world in search of new and exciting plant species.

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