The world of 100 Princes Street

Luke and Hazel Robertson

14 Jan 2022 Stay local

Hazel & Luke Robertson: Modern Scottish Explorers

Two modern-day explorers who are using their experiences to help other people realise their own dreams.

Isobel and Regina

14 Jan 2022 Stay local

Isobel Wylie Hutchison: Botanist and adventurer

Historian Jo Woolf explores the history of Isobel Wylie Hutchison, a Scotswoman whose love of wildflowers led her to travel solo across the Arctic.

19 Nov 2021 Stay local

Isabella Bird: A Rocky Mountain cowgirl

Historian Jo Woolf tells story of Isabella Bird, a female explorer who broke the conventions of her time living as a rancher in the Rocky Mountains.

Scotia's Crew In Coats Land

09 Nov 2021 Stay local

William Speirs Bruce: Scotland’s Antarctic hero

Historian Jo Woolf leads us through the remarkable story of William Speirs Bruce, a legendary Scottish scientist and polar explorer.

07 Oct 2021 Make Travel Matter

Our World Food Day pledge to reduce food waste

For World Food Day 2021 we’re spotlighting Winnow Solutions, a food waste reduction service making a big impact through the use of smart technology.

Edinburgh 1886

30 Sep 2021 Stay local

A warm welcome for explorers past and present

Historian Jo Woolf recounts the history of 100 Princes Street and the appeal to past and present explorers.

24 Sep 2021 Make Travel Matter

Eliminating food waste with Red Carnation Hotels

We hear from Michelle Delvin, our Sustainability Manager on the progress that has been made so far.

23 Sep 2021 Stay local

Tracing the history of 100 Princes Street

Our new property is in a storied location. Here we look at the rich history of 100 Princes Street.


26 Aug 2021 Stay local

Scotland’s top whisky distilleries

Explore the five regions for whisky tasting in Scotland, which are home to 130 distilleries.

28 Jul 2021 Stay local

The top 10 Scottish explorers

We explore the top 10 Scottish botanist explorers who are integral to the country's history.

Céline Cousteau

08 Jun 2021 Make Travel Matter

The ocean’s power to help

This World Oceans Day, Céline Cousteau reflects on the future of the ocean and our partnerships with GreenWave and Project Vesta.

29 Apr 2021 Make Travel Matter

How to eliminate food waste at home

Inspired by our initiative to reduce food waste across our hotels, these easy to adopt tricks and tips will help you reduce food waste at home.

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